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Our Story

 HitBit Vape Packaging
Why Us?

HitBit came to life after our team of CBD enthusiasts saw an opportunity to improve upon the main issue plaguing vapes today:short battery life. Vape users all over have witnessed that “red light of death” on their pens, which is usually after a single pod use and right when we could use it most. As passionate innovators, we sought to challenge the status quo and offer the marketplace (and ourselves) a better e-liquid device and vaping experience.

Over the past several months, we’ve worked closely with manufacturers to design a sleek, lightweight vaping system that would yield substantially more battery life than ever before. We also needed a device versatile enough to accept our CBD pods - while also being compatible with most industry standard nicotine pods from other manufacturers. Today, that goal is a reality. We call it the HitBit Vape Series One and  it’s available now.

Why CBD?

CBD is a legal compound that helps regulate your mood while leaving you with a clear head. As an extract sourced from the highest-quality hemp available, when vaping, you’ll feel the laid back effects right away within 1-2 mins, which usually last 2-6 hrs on average. It is a wildly popular stress reliever that we can’t wait to offer on our storefront.

The other reason we love CBD is that it’s less addictive and more agreeable (for non-smokers) than nicotine while mimicking some of the relief responses that nicotine exudes. With more and more benefits being discovered daily, we’re investing in CBD for the long haul and are premiering our first four (4) flavors very soon.  Join our waitlist and we’ll happily notify you when they’re available.


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